Safe at Work

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Les risques électriques

Apprenez à vous protéger contre les risques d'électrocution en milieu de travail.
From $24.50


In this course we will describe the different types of energy sources, explain the general rules of lockout/ tagout procedures and give you the basic knowledge required to correctly and effectively complete lockout/ tagout procedures.
From $24.50

Managing Change

Change can be unsettling but it is constant in today’s world.
From $19.50

Managing Workplace Stress

Topics covered in this module include: facts about stress, job stress, typical sources of workplace stress, dealing with burnout and prevention strategies, managing unavoidable stress, avoiding unnecessary stress, how to create a healthier workplace, and more!
From $19.50

Manual Material Handling and Back Safety

This course examines the back and how it works and describes different injuries of the back and how to prevent them.
From $24.50

Manutention manuelle des matériaux et prévention des blessures au dos

La manutention manuelle des matériaux et la prévention des blessures au dos.
From $24.50

Mould Awareness

In this course, we examine the health effects of mould exposure, review the duties of employers under current legislation, and outline methods of mold prevention and control.
From $24.50

Office Ergonomics

Workers in many types of workplaces are vulnerable to ergonomic injuries. Learn how Work-related Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) can be reduced or eliminated.
From $24.50

Office Safety

Learn how to make the office a safe working environment.
From $39.50

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Generic

Protect yourself from workplace injuries by using the correct PPE.
From $24.50

Preventing Workplace Violence

The Preventing Workplace Violence module provides information on why workplace violence occurs and how it can be prevented.
From $19.50

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