Safety and Compliance

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Information Security

Organizations are increasingly concerned about the security of electronic information. This course identifies the safeguards needed to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and security of the information that employees work with.
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Integration: The Next Evolution in Safety Performance (CSSE)

This course describes how organizations are building integrated safety systems, which organizational processes are included, and the various outcomes of this effort.
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Introduction to Privacy [Canada]

The program provides an introduction to privacy definitions and concepts; an overview of the Act and its legal implications; a detailed examination of the AICPA/CICA Privacy Framework; a process for implementing an effective privacy program within an organization; and a procedure for developing a 5-step action plan.
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La violence au travail, la discrimination et le harcèlement

Chaque milieu de travail devrait favoriser la productivité, la dignité et l'estime de soi de chaque employé.
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Normes d'accessibilité

La formation sur les normes d’accessibilité vise à identifier, éliminer et prévenir les obstacles pour les personnes handicapées
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Ontario's Personal Health Information Protection Act

This online course will outline the requirements imposed on health information custodians in Ontario by PHIPA.
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Preventing Workplace Violence

The Preventing Workplace Violence module provides information on why workplace violence occurs and how it can be prevented.
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Primer on Privacy [Canada]

This module provides an introduction to privacy definitions and concepts, explains why privacy is an increasingly important concern in Canada and around the world, reviews the purpose and scope of PIPEDA, explains why privacy is an important issue for organizations, and describes the responsibilities of employees.
From $19.50

Quality Communications

Topics in this course include: the importance of knowing your audience and understanding the law, recognizing your limits in communication, the importance of saying what you mean and using facts in communications, managing closure with clients, the importance of record retention, and more.
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Record Management

The Record Management module provides information on how to maintain accurate and important workplace records.
From $19.50

Safety Attitudes and Actions

This course looks at safety attitudes in the workplace and teaches you about safety audits.
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Sarbanes-Oxley Act Primer

This Course summarizes the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and describes the important new obligations it imposes — particularly for the senior management of public companies.
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Security Awareness

This module will introduce key concepts in security, and provide you with a basic understanding of the security function. We will outline the five primary responsibilities of the security function, and review common security-related events, including crimes involving security.
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Telemarketing Compliance

The Telemarketing Compliance module provides information on the rules by which telemarketing employees must abide. Topics covered in this module include: the history and sources of telemarketing law, Do-Not-Call Rules, National Do-Not-Call List Exemptions, Auto-Dialing Regulations, call abandonment and abusive telemarketing practices.
From $19.50

The SBAR Technique

The SBAR (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendation) technique provides a framework for critical communication where time is limited, and where clarity and precision are essential.
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