CSC e-Learning Discount Program

The Canada Safety Council (CSC) is a national, not-for-profit, charitable organization dedicated to safety. Our mission is to lead in the national effort to reduce preventable deaths, injuries and economic loss in public and private places throughout Canada.

The council serves as a credible, reliable resource for safety information, education and awareness in all aspects of Canadian life – in traffic, at home, at work and at leisure.

By signing up for the CSC’s e-Learning discount program you will be entitled to unlimited e-course discounts for an entire year.  In addition, the CSC will send you important safety information delivered through its national quarterly issue of Safety Canada as well as safety materials related to the most current safety campaigns.  As a not for profit the CSC pools its resources to continue to support national safety training and awareness programs.

Join the Canada Safety Council’s e-Learning discount program today through one of the three options below.


Please note that you must purchase your e-Learning discount program as a separate transaction. All discounts will be automatically applied to online courses after the e-Learning discount program purchase.

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CSC Gold e-Learning Discount

CSC Gold e-Learning Discount

This level is available to corporations only.
CSC Platinum e-Learning Discount

CSC Platinum e-Learning Discount

This is our highest discount level.
CSC Silver e-Learning Discount

CSC Silver e-Learning Discount

This level is available to individuals only.