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Worried about Coronavirus Online Training Course

*Worried about Coronavirus?

This Worried about Coronavirus online training course will help teach children how to cope with fears and anxiety about the coronavirus. Coronavirus (COVID 19) may make children feel worried and anxious. In this course, we will explore some strategies that will help you cope with your anxiety, technique to help you relax, make a plan and review the facts about coronavirus.
Be a Weather Wizard Online Training Course

Be a Weather Wizard

In this Be a Weather Wizard online training kids course you will learn how to defeat The Elements by being a Weather Wizard. This course will explore how to stay safe outdoors in very hot and very cold weather, learn the concept of working safely, identify hot and cold weather hazards and understand how to protect yourself in extreme weather.
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Before You Start Playing Hockey  Online Training Course

Before You Start Playing Hockey

Whether you're a fan or you're a player, this Before You Start Playing Hockey online training kids course will help you to understand hockey. This course explores what equipment you need, different hockey positions and the rules of the game, and everything else to prepare you for the game. If you're ready, let's lace up and hit the ice!
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Celebrations  Online Training Course


This Celebrations course is designed to teach children and pre-teens about different world beliefs. This course is an introduction to different beliefs and ways to celebrate. Users will learn about two world religions – Christianity and Sikhism. We will explain the basics of Sikhism and explore how people celebrate Easter and Vaisakhi.
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Coping with Anxiety Online Training Course

Coping with Anxiety

This Coping with Anxiety online training course will explore some strategies that will help you manage your anxiety. It's important to know what anxiety is, and what to do about it. This course will help you learn to prioritize, take care of yourself, how to accept change, and perform relaxation techniques.
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Cyberbullying Online Training Course


This Cyberbullying online training course defines cyberbullying, provides examples, and discusses what actions kids can take if they are someone they know is being bullied online. Cyberbullying is a serious issue for school-aged in today’s technologically advanced world. This course helps kids to understand what cyberbullying is, and learn some positive ways of dealing with it.
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Dental Health Online Training Course

Dental Health

This Dental Health online training course is designed for children and preteens. This course introduces the concept of dental health. Users will learn about the importance of dental hygiene, including care of your teeth and gums with brushing and flossing. This course also discusses common dental issues such as tooth decay and gingivitis.
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Earthquake Preparedness for Kids Online Training Course

Earthquake Preparedness

The Earthquake Preparedness online training course is designed to teach children and pre-teens what earthquakes are, where and when earthquakes occur as well how to stay safe by following an earthquake preparedness plan. The course teaches tips for staying safe during an earthquake “drop, cover and hold on” and what to do when the earth stops moving.
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Electrical Safety Online Training Course

Electrical Safety for Kids

This Electrical Safety online training kids course will teach kids how to stay safe when it comes to electricity. Electricity is all around, so we often take it for granted – but electricity can be dangerous. In this course, you'll learn what electricity is and how to recognize electrical hazards so that you can protect yourself.
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Fire Evacuation Online Training Course

Fire Evacuation

This Fire Evacuation online training kids course is designed to teach children what their families can do to prevent fires at home, and what to do if a fire does occur. This course will teach you how to be prepared in case of a fire at home and strategies for getting out safely when there is a fire.
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Fire Safety Basics Online Training Course

Fire Safety Basics

In this Fire Safety Basics online training kids course you will learn the basics of fire safety to keep you and your family safe. In this course, we will talk about the causes of fires, what you can do to prevent fires, how to evacuate (get out!) in case of fire, and first aid for fire-related injuries.
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Flood Preparedness Online Training Course

Flood Preparedness

This Flood Preparedness online training course is designed for children 10-14 years old. This flood preparedness course teaches children about the following: how and when floods occur; flood warnings; developing emergency plans; preparing their homes against flooding; preparing a disaster supply kit; and communicating in the case of a flood.
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Fueling Your Body Online Training Course

Fueling Your Body

This Fueling Your Body online training course is designed to teach children and pre-teens about eating food that fuels the body. This course is an introduction to making good food choices and providing your body with the energy that it needs to successfully complete daily activities. Users will learn to identify categories of healthy food.
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Germ Busters Online Training Course

Germ Busters

Germs are everywhere! Protecting yourself from germs will help keep you and your friends healthy. In this Germ Busters online training kids course, you will learn how to keep safe and healthy. Germs are in your home, school, and your body! Don't be afraid! Germ busters will help keep you safe by killing those germs before they spread.
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Identity Theft Online Training Course

Identity Theft

In this Identity Theft, online training kids course you will learn how how to protect your personal information against identity theft. In this course, Sarah and Kate learn how to outsmart Scammy, the Identity Thief. They find out about identity theft, what identity thieves are looking for, how to recognize suspicious messages and eight rules for protecting their personal information.
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