Safety and Compliance

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Preventing Workplace Violence Online Training Course

Preventing Workplace Violence

This Preventing Workplace Violence online training course provides information on why workplace violence occurs and how it can be prevented. Topics covered in this course include types of workplace violence, examples of prohibited conduct, tips on how to prevent workplace violence, tips on how to deal with irate customers and how to identify danger, the importance of reporting, domestic violence, and how it affects the workplace.
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Prévention du harcèlement, de la discrimination et de la violence en milieu de travail [Canada] Online Training Course

Prévention du harcèlement, de la discrimination et de la violence en milieu de travail [Canada]

Ce cours de formation en ligne Prévention du harcèlement, de la discrimination et de la violence en milieu de travail a été conçu pour les employeurs et les employés. Tout environnement de travail doit être propice à la productivité, à la dignité et à l'estime de soi de chaque employé. Cela signifie que vous devez vous assurer que votre environnement de travail est exempt de harcèlement, de discrimination et de violence. Ce cours vise à vous informer de votre rôle et vos responsabilités pour garantir un lieu de travail sain.
Primer on Privacy [Canada] Online Training Course

Primer on Privacy [Canada]

This Primer on Privacy [Canada] online training course is designed for all employees who deal with personal information. This course explores the growing concerns around privacy and how to address them in keeping with legislations like PIPEDA and GDPR. This course will address how to protect the privacy of its employees, clients, contractors, and contracts protect the reputation of its organization
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Quality Communications Online Training Course

Quality Communications

This Quality Communications online training course provides information on how you can improve your workplace communications. This course will cover, the importance of knowing your audience and understanding the law, recognizing your limits in communication, the importance of saying what you mean and using facts in communications, managing closure with clients, and the importance of record retention.
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Record Management Online Training Course

Record Management

This Record Management online training course provides information on how to maintain accurate and important workplace records. Our corporate records are among the company's most important and valuable assets, these records include essentially everything you produce as an employee, regardless of its format. This course was designed to help you understand the importance of record management.
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Safety Attitudes and Actions Online Training Course

Safety Attitudes and Actions

This Safety Attitudes and Actions online training course was designed for all employees. This course discusses how to develop safety awareness in the workplace and helps you understand how your attitude can be a critical factor in accident prevention. This course covers safety attitudes, safety audits, accident prevention, P.P.E., back care, working with electricity, mental alertness, and injury treatment.
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Sarbanes-Oxley Act Primer Online Training Course

Sarbanes-Oxley Act Primer

This Sarbanes-Oxley Act Primer online training course summarizes the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and describes the important new obligations and impacts it imposes — particularly for the senior management of public companies, these include; new obligations on corporate officers and directors, and increase the scope and severity of the penalties that may be imposed on public companies and their officers and auditors for violations of federal securities laws.
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SBAR Technique Online Training Course

SBAR Technique

This SBAR Technique online training course is designed for nurses, caregivers, other healthcare-practitioner employees in hospitals. Using the SBAR Technique nurses and doctors will be able to communicate better within hospital settings. Improved communication leads to better patient care and fewer human errors caused by miscommunication, which could prove costly to patients.
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Security Awareness Online Training Course

Security Awareness

This Security Awareness online training course will introduce key concepts in security, and provide you with a basic understanding of the security function. This course will outline the five primary responsibilities of the security function, and review common security-related events, including crimes involving security. This course will also look at the monetary and non-monetary costs of crime.
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Cours de formation en ligne SIMDUT


Ce cours de formation en ligne SIMDUT a été conçu pour tous les employés au Canada qui travaillent avec des produits chimiques dangereux ou qui pourraient y être exposés sur le lieu de travail. Dans ce cours, nous allons décrire le Système d’information sur les matières dangereuses en milieu de travail – SIMDUT – ainsi que la façon de le mettre efficacement en pratique à votre travail. Le SIMDUT est aligné avec la norme mondiale, le Système général harmonisé de classification et d’étiquetage des produits chimiques (ou SGH). Nous allons également décrire les règles et formats de ce système pour la gestion des produits dangereux.
Telemarketing Compliance Online Training Course

Telemarketing Compliance

This Telemarketing Compliance online training course will explain the basic rules that telemarketing employees must abide by when making telemarketing phone calls. The topics covered in this course include the history and sources of telemarketing law, Do-Not-Call Rules, National Do-Not-Call List Exemptions, Auto-Dialing Regulations, call abandonment and abusive telemarketing practices.
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Cours de formation en ligne Troubles musculo-squelettiques en milieu de travail

Troubles musculo-squelettiques en milieu de travail

Ce cours de formation en ligne Troubles musculo-squelettiques en milieu de travail a été conçu pour les employeurs, les gestionnaires et les employés. Dans ce cours, vous examinerons ce que sont les troubles musculo-squelettiques, les facteurs de risque pour leur développement en milieu de travail, les types de travaux et les conditions de travail où ils sont les plus courants, les techniques de prévention et les méthodes de traitement.
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Understanding Contracts and Their Use Online Training Course

Understanding Contracts and Their Use

This Understanding Contracts and Their Use online training course is designed for anyone working with contracts whether it be personal contracts or business professionals. By learning fundamental contract principles, you will be able to get what you want in business dealings and personal contracts, avoid misunderstandings and costly disputes, and achieve success in your business and personal ventures.
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Unfair Competition Online Training Course

Unfair Competition

This Unfair Competition online training course will help you recognize situations presenting unfair competition issues and how to deal with them properly. This course will explain the purpose of unfair competition laws, identify the categories, explain the difference between infringements and misrepresentation and discuss remedies available for acts of unfair competition.
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Whistleblowing Online Training Course


This Whistleblowing online training course was developed to help you understand the False Claims Act (FCA), its administrative remedies, and federal whistleblower protection laws. The FCA is a federal law to encourage individuals to sue on the government's behalf for fraud. The course covers the basics of the law and what you can do to stop defrauders in their tracks.
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